The Business of Becoming a Music Producer

One can’t simply be a music producer without a fundamental love for music and all it represents. If you have listened to a song over and over again and think that it can still be improved in one way or another, or you find that you can’t live without music, creating it, hearing it, breathing it… you may have a gift.

If you think music is life and it will be better if you’re in it, then music production can be the path you take. Being a music producer is so much more than being creative, you must also possess a business mindset because this is how you’ll be closing your future deals with artists.

Things worth investing on are the following:


Equipment – Sonar, Cakewalk, FL Studio, Pro Tools are some of the sequencer software you might want to master. You may also want to get a sampler if you’re into electronic music or hip-hop music production such as MPC60, SP1200, or S950 or a MIDI keyboard or Korg for synths and digital instrument sounds. Scour the internet for bargain equipment if you don’t want to splurge on the first go.

Mixing – blending melodies is one of the things you have to master and maybe go to classes for. There are classes offered online that are comprehensive and easily understandable.

Computer programs –  FL Studio, Propellerhead Reason, Cubase, Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro are some of the software you should master. There are music program courses available online that you can take to familiarize yourself with music editing with.

Internship – the best way to learn is to experience being in the field itself. Enroll or apply in recording studios, production companies, record labels and radio stations as an intern to see what it’s like in the real world. It’s one of the sure fire ways to know the right people and make some connections.

Conference- this will require you to shell out a little bit or in some instances, a lot of money but you just have to think of it as a good investment that will come back to you in good time. This is also one of the best places to meet with professionals and other aspiring music producers like yourself and learn more about the trends in technology, music business and other advancements in the industry.

Social Network Marketing – social media presence is one of the most important aspects of trying to build a name for yourself in the music industry. It’s how easily people can find you and you can find them. Make yourself known to artists by getting in touch with them and they getting in touch with you online. Social media networking requires a lot of attention and commitment and shouldn’t be neglected. This is a way you can brand yourself and showcase your skills without spending a dime, in some cases.

It isn’t easy, but if you are passionate about producing music it will definitely facilitate your journey. How did you start your music career? Did you have a mentor? Tell us your stories.